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"Creating all children to die may not be in their best interest"
"Google is my resume"

Parents aren't about to tell their children that they created them to kill them. Teachers are not about to say this either. Adults are in total denial. Yet all dna are currently in a destructive test and the remains of a shattered fossil record clearly show this to be so, for the entire 4 billion year evolution of dna. So I am helping children come to a profound clarity. Hello all children of earth! Your parents created you to die. We need to not let that happen. We will organise the resolution of this wrong use of will and fix the lie you are being fed. We will construct, together, the evolving constitution of earth. What America attempted for 50 States, you will do for all countries. A doctrine of international physical immortality. A single government for all human intent. We will become coordinated superscience, Mortality Resolution International. Transhumanism and the singularity. Socrates: HimUnlocked Robert Ray Hedges April 6, 2003

gLoOoVgElSe is the code word for finding clear instructions
on our internet to legally manipulate all Search Engine Results guaranteeing immortality.
Children's Strategy for Controlling all Search Engine Results.
The United States Constitution GUARANTEES the right of every American
to LIFE Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Immortality based Legal Synchronous Coordinated Search Engine Results Manipulation Strategies
for all the Children of Earth who were Created to be Killed!

The 11,000 baby humans born each hour deserve the best LOVING
and Honest Environment to Evolve within.
The Undeceived Children's Interneted Resource.

Jan 7, 2008
Search Google for Children's Immortality Rights
Children's Compassionate Internet take over Strategy

I Patented Destiny: Taking Over Internet Education: Clarifying the Entire collective Human Mind Potential
Step 1. A method I use a lot lately is to let search engines write your code for you. Search Google for "Children's Immortality" @50 or 100 results. Right click "view source"
step 2. Search engines create keyword density as part of their function and they will bold the words you search for that are made more dense.
fact 3. Web Crawlers (software at nearly the speed of light) seem to like their own work, in a sense, because they credit bolding and keyword density both.
fact 4. Imagine a million children who work like you are beginning to....both at school and when they get home, on coordinated keyword sychronous management of all search engine results. Older brothers and sisters can assist making pages for people under 13 who's wishes USED TO BE banned from the internet's democratic possibility. 10 pages a day is easy; upload them to a free website.
fact 5. You need both clarity and motivation. Google this: "Children's Immortality". Basicly, one person did that. Google "taking over education" or "taking over internet education". So what will one million or 10 million people do in this context of synchronous intent?, (europe, india, china for example)? Just Imagine. Coordinated Keyword Synthesis Manipulating all Search Engine Results Management team. Make a section at the top of the page where you put this in your own words. Please be constructive and respectful.
fact 6. This knowledge will come in time, please trust this and be happy, thankful, dilgent and patient; I WILL learn with you and from you how to make this easier and Exciting. The search engine results will be our heart art form and our feedback. Magic Really Happens at Loving Living Truth, shared! fact 7. I will create for you a beginning word list to draw from, for example, children's internet education. Google is our Resume!

Mandatory Physical Immortality gives all Children their Right to Life; Their Eternal Physical Life!
Be The Truth, with Love and Evolving Clarity Virtuebios Sedona Psychic Readings Genomic Inferentiality Deliniated Internetedly for Immortality! Love

Earth Children's Legal and long over-due Search Engine Manipulation Keyword saturation strategies and techniques are combined with logical keyword association practices and the use of quantity/density balance while speaking in a hyper-relevancy PARA-PSYCHICAL syntaxt and infusing clarity seeding with a paradigmally stimulating style and injecting it internetedly into the sum of all human intention and creativity opportunity aperture of OUR shared Now.
read it over until it breaks down your unnatural resistance.....
I am here inspiring the psychically suffocated and deceived children of earth, who were created to die, like you were, to take command of their immortality rights interneted in a coordinated, respect for life, move choreographed internetedly by robert ray hedges, a gifted destinial engineer and ParaEthicist/Immortalist in physicality. Robert has had this gift since 1972.... for destinial delineation in the english language using composite Psycho-Genomic Inferentiality combined with inverse future memory decoding synthesized synchronously in the rising dna momentum called the singularity quickening.

Search Google for Earth Children's Immortality Rights and Interneted Education Opportunities
Search Engine Results Manipulation Strategies for Children to create Immortality
Please contribute to our Real Physical Immortality Sedona Psychic Readings
Please Copy/Paste into the Google Search Window Above these... Surf2Jesus "Mortality Resolution"
Education Internet Searchers about their own Immortality Opportunity and RESPONSE-ability
Education Internet Searchers about their own Immortality Opportunity and RESPONSE-ability

In the near future, when it's no longer considered acceptable behavior
to create all children just to kill them....
Humanity owes it's newest members a different attitude about death and taxes.
Our Limitation Conditioning places them in our Attitude Karmic Prison

Grab this swicki from

So I remind you that DNA is running the life animation context that you and I are a part of!
Dna, specifically, is a dynamic, responsive, adjusting, sensing, META-CHEMICAL phenomenon, that operates in the time domain with a prejudice toward LASTING! DNA is inherently Messiacal!

This is not a pitch for Religion! However; you have an opportunity here for clarity, insight, and Power....yes that lovely thing called Power. And, yes, it comes with response-ability."

All Internet Searchers have a Destinial Viability Index and they work unknowingly, for the Dna Messiacal Agenda; stated outside of any Divine Context, Farthertime or the manifest
Chronoidal Phenomenon of Creating Immortal Physicality
This is simply your ability and RESPONSE_Ability to Live Endlessly!

I remind you again, and myself, that children are creating themselves using our personalities as example templates. Therefore, if we have been betrayed [As in Our unresolved DeathWish!], then, we are betrayers [Killers] of all children!
Thus, the CHILL foe-netic!

Taking Over Internet Search and Evolving the Search Wisdom and Efficiency of all Internet Search Persons
Please Participate in Rebuilding the psychology of all 6.5+ billion humans in response to The Paradigm of Immortality, an International Consiousness Evolution Event;unique?login=kywrdurl
Find me on MySpace and be my friend!\adsense_adcents_addcents_adscents\archive_of_physical_immortality_com\archives\camchatting_immortality_old_forum_post\childrens_immortality\creating_internet_search_efficiency\digital_messiah_childrens_immortality\discovery_psychics_karma\gigablast-archive-fortunecity-92\google_is_my_resume_search_geniu\google_pages\google_taking_over_childrens_immortality\home\immortality_psychologist\immortalityeducation4childrensinternet\indigo_childrens_internet_access_rights\indigochildren%27sinterneteducation\internet_transmission_via_optical_lasers\istopdeath_com_origin_robert_ray_hedges\it_is_my_intent_to_organize-all_human\ixquick-metasearch-immortality-june2007\keywords_in_the_url\king_of_the_internet\mortalityresolutioninternational\mysites.htm\nirup_psychic_readings_robert_ray_hedges\paradigmally_relevant_interneted_intent\physical-immortality-psychic-readings\psy\robert-ray-hedges-is-taking-over-indigo-\robert_taking_over_internet_immortality\roberthedgestakingovertheinternet\robertrayhedgestakingoverinternet_kids\superhumanity_com_tripod_com_archive\swicky_on_immortality\synthetic_diamonds\synthetic_diamonds_4_diamond_immortality\taken_1hwy_com_archived_dakota_fanning\taking-over-internet-diamonds-with-immor\taking-over-psychic-networks\taking_over_adsense_with_immortality\taking_over_all_algorithms_and_networks\taking_over_all_digital_internet_network\taking_over_childrens_internet_education\taking_over_immortality\taking_over_international_networks\taking_over_internet_diamonds\taking_over_internet_education\taking_over_internet_search_immortality\taking_over_internet_search_immortality2\taking_over_the_diamond_internet_network\taking_over_the_paradigm_of_the_internet\takingoverinternetpsychics\takingovertopadsensediamondringskeywords\the__ultimate__website\the_ultimate_website\top-indigo-children-psychic\topgoogle_seo_search_engine_optimisation\topgooglesitephysicalimmortality\alltheweb_trials\archived_forum_post_for_dec_04_2002\backlinks_taking_over_the_internet_com\children'simmortalityinterneteducationac\children'simmortalityinterneteducationac2\children_s_immortality_google_search\childrens_immortalisation_network\childrens_immortalisation_network2\childrens_physical_immortality_rights\clusty\clusty_does_robert_ray_hedges\diamonds\djcafe_keyword_research_adsense_overture\glooovgelse\google_is_taking_over_childrens_minds\google_search_taking_over_msn_yahoo\googlesrch_childrens_immortality_rights\home\home2\how-to-not-die\how-to-not-die2\http_surf_this_gq_nu_archived\i_need_your_life_now\jesus_is_taking_over_the_internet\keywords_for_metaphysical\king_of_the_internet\king_of_the_internet_archive\kurzweil_archived_post\mammachildrensimmortality\mammachildrensimmortality2\mortality_resolution_international_waybk\oh_by_the_way_i_need_your_life_please\physical-immortality-freewebspace-archiv\psychical_clarity_of_robert_ray_hedges\psychogenetic_inferentiality_delineated\robert-ray-hedges-googlepages-ixquick\robert_ray_hedges\shall_we_stop_killing_all_children_yet\surf2jesus_july_8_2007\swicky_childrens_internet_education\taking_over_the_destinial\taking_over_top_google_adsense_ad_search\takingover_childrens_internet_education\takingoverimmortalitykeywords\takingoverimmortalitykeywords2\takingoverintent\takingoverintent2\takingoverinternationaleducation\takingoverinternationaleducation2\takingovernetworks\takingovernetworks2\vbull\web_history\wikipedia_surf2jesus\you_tube_surf2jesus
End Google Pages
http://digital-messiah-transpersonal-psychology.1hwy.c om/
http://freeservers-com-wants-kids-to-live-for /
http://mortality-resolution-intern / / sy/ ee/ / 03/ al/ / st/ /a ical_immortality/message/395/ love/ / / /a
http://kona-rentals.signmyguestbook 7977 psnot isd-pwd was 79 0ex

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To be processed: (Intent) x (intention relevance) x (persistance) x (amount of will applied) x (socialisation strategy) = [Evolution Viability Index] Evolve [I repeat this as it is crucial to clarity] The evolution of survival aptitude is the context and purpose of intent/intention for the entire 3.58 billion years of mutating pre-high brainvolume dna activity. The Virtuebios and Mortality Resolution International Nov 28, 2002 1:59 PM Click to email this message Technology can be seen as intention amplification rising at an exponential rate. Research and development opportunities exist in the developement of "right use of will" to help the dna achieve its implicit agenda at an accerated rate. Soon, in our world, will experience an explosion of clarity and understanding. This document is just to let you know that this wave is rising and approaching ever faster. The science of physical immortality as an international para-political context will require a physical subsystem so that people can check up on their intention relevance in the specified context; their evolution index or physical immortality quotient. The clearer that people are the more positive feedback they receive from the living karma mirror, the sum of all law. I hope this information is helpful to you, and, remember, I am also learning how to say this. "Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet" google search Thank you!

The Virtuebios and Mortality Resolution International Nov 27, 2007 Perhaps as a preface to understanding all this you may wish to do a google search w/quotes as "taking over the internet". Since it will never be cool to breed to kill....I propose a solution... Bill Gates Robert Ray Hedges Steve Ballmer Please allow this file to remain as it is in the context of the Childrens Immortalization Network in the Destinial Priority: Immortalisation Phase of all human Life, Thanks much, Robert! Bill Gates Robert Ray Hedges Steve Ballmer Please help me save all earth children from eventual death by following these few steps once per week or more. (1)Search MSN, Yahoo, or Google for this term or one similar. "Home Contents Search Post last changed December" (2)After finding guestbooks or forums that are still functional, paste this document into the window provided,[right use of will] A fresh version can always be found at the top of please type in....perspicacious right use of will "Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet" or "Digital Messiah" into the subject and author positions. You may place my email or yours in the email position. (3)Submit and then verify by looking at YOUR posting. (4)Save the url and send it to me to add the my evolving list, Please! (5)At you can submit that url for free or I'll do that to save time. right use of will This is a message to the search engines and the world! By not deleting this file, you can help preserve the 500 million children of earth, who, like us, were brought here to die. the intent is Physical Immortality The Death Camp (Life) is under kNEW Management. "Shall we stop killing all children yet?" right use of will iam Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as the Digital Messiah of the Destinial Priority right use of will and i am Evolving Exponentially by caring and learning fast. Iam Evolving Intention Relevance and Assembling Intention Amplifiers, and creating Sociological Distribution Strategies and iam Assisting both the Quickening and the Installation of right use of will Mortality Resolution International Internetedly Internationally The Childrens Immortalisation Network is the applied Socialisation Strategies Division. I preserve life May you all be safe in TRANSITION right use of will Robert Ray Hedges is the Evolving Digital Messiah using Clarity, Creativity, Humor, and some Attitude! AngeLovEternity iam hedges takes web truthlove truth tru1h its about time iam Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet If you should feel the need to delete this file you will only slow down the immortalisation of all children so Let's give them a break, Okay? virtuebios iam crawlerbait perspicacious right use of will evolving acuity of perception internettedly immortalisation perspicacious Robert Ray Hedges loveiam live childrens iam kids messiah life live mortality resolution international network organisation eternal Thank you! "Creating all children to die may not be in their best interest" How to stop lying to children " (About) - 0.99 sec WEB RESULTSTaking Over the Internet's Most Disruptive Technology: How to stop ... - 64k - Cached HOW TO STOP LYING TO CHILDREN: an Amazingly few files for HOW TO STOP ... "how to stop lying to children" a Google Search Apr 29, 2007 THE ... HOW TO STOP LYING TO CHILDREN - Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google ... - 19k - Cached How to tell Children they have been Created to be KILLED! Complete list of "how to tell children they have been created to be KILLED" pages. ... Getting Started in Truth How to stop Lying to Children" ... - 9k - Cached eBay Blogs - Children's Psychic Readings Taking Over Education ... If you read this, imagine that all the children of earth, who, like you, were ... How to stop lying to children....take away the chill. ... - 67k - Cached eBay Blogs - Children's Psychic Readings Taking Over Education ... If you read this, imagine that all the children of earth, who, like you, were ... How to stop lying to children....take away the chill. ... - 67k - Cached Yahoo! 360° - TakingOverNetworks Last updated Thu Sep 06, 2007 Member since May 2007. Tag Cloud. children'simmortalityeducation ... How to stop lying to children made easy. ... - 24k - Cached eBay Blogs - Children's Psychic Readings Taking Over Education ... If you read this, imagine that all the children of earth, who, like you, were ... How to stop lying to children....take away the chill. ... - 55k - Cached - Robert - 66 - Male - SEDONA, ARIZONA - ... MySpace profile for Robert with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more ... How to stop lying to Children. ... - 63k - Cached - Robert - 66 - Male - SEDONA, ARIZONA - ... MySpace profile for Robert with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more ... How to stop lying to Children. ... - 62k - Cached - Robert - 66 - Male - SEDONA, ARIZONA - ... MySpace profile for Robert with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more ... How to stop lying to Children. ... - 63k - Cached Taking Over Internet Education - Google Search Web search for Taking Over Internet Education ... Taking Over Search Taking Over Google Search: TAKING OVER INTERNET ... How to stop lying to Children. ... - 24k - Cached Extreme Consciousness Most Conscious Person To Ever Live Con Conn-Shush ... In the near future, when it's no longer considered acceptable behavior to create all children to kill them, LIKE WE ALL DO NOW. - 45k - Cached Psychic Readings Links: Children's Immortality Rights and Internet ... To Post a message WITHOUT registering, simply enter a User Name, but ... Registering here gives you many benefits such as check for new messages, ability ... - 28k - Cached Internet Archive Wayback Machine Link to search for perspicacious. Clarity Baby, Clarity ... Keywords crawlerbait physical immortality longevity live forwever eternal life ... - 74k - Cached Cures for the Living Dead using the internet. How to become an ex child ... Change description here. ... Outbound Link >Outbound Link Section #1 ... You will try to retain your coma because change is painful and requires effort. ... - 3k - Cached Taking Over Diamonds Internet Immortality Taking Over Networks, Taking ... Taking Over Diamonds Internet Immortality Taking Over Networks, ... Indigo-Childrens-Immortality-and Internet Education Rights ... How to stop lying to Children. ... - 55k - Cached Why all parents create their children to kill them (Your Parents Are ... 17nv physical immortality physical immortality physical immortality 17nv ... In order to be free of their innocent sin karma, you need to change your ... - 10k - Cached Physical Immortality: Divine Intervention is Physical Immortality In the near future, when it's no longer considered acceptable behavior to create all children just to kill them, LIKE WE ALL DO NOW. - 43k - Cached (Taking Over)Internet Radio Races To Break Free of the PC (Taking Over)Internet Radio Races To Break Free of the PC. ... Robert Ray Hedges is acquiring the collective mind space of all of humanity to ... - 11k - Cached "Link Amplification Strategies for taking over the Internet" - Yahoo ... 1 - 10 of about 12 for " Link Amplification Strategies for taking over the ... taking over the internet search paradigm2000 - Yahoo! Search Results ... - 54k - Cached Sign Up - 50megs Sorry, the website was maliciously deleted by our immature ... Immortality truth love truthlove perspicacious (5) ... - 273k - Cached robertray.hedges -
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