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I need your life to give your life The Ultimate Intent Taking Over the Internet with Mandatory Physical Immortality
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Approaching the Paradigm of Mandatory Physical Immortality
Creating Children without Immortalising them is a subversion of the dna agenda of perfecting the manifest beings to Survive Indefinitely
We are betraying all children! Psychical Clarity

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Physical Immortality Robert Ray Hedges
Physical Immortality

physical Immortality Beehiviour
physical Immortality Beehiviour
Queen of Immortalising Beehivior

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physical Immortality
Physical Immortality Taking over the internet Psychic Psychics
Physical Immortality
You KNOW that creating all of the children just to die
really SUCKS!!!
Psychic Aptitude Metrics: The Evolution of a Clarity Standard, Analyzing Reality Accurately

Emerging Eternal Lucidity

Fear, unsensed, causes Psychical Refraction and Distorts our Perception of Reality and What to Create Together'



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I am evolving this International Deliverence: The New Paradigm of Mandatory Physical Immortality!
Dna based life forms can now come to understand and be clear about their role and responsibility within the acceleration of fulfilling and Administering our Unified International Identity and Intention Standard which will AND IS creating our Increasing Health and Safety!
I am happy to assert this Physical Immortality Intention Reference into the composite Human Consciousness Evolution process using our shared Internet!
Analyzing Reality accurately requires 100% devotion.
Quantum Analytical Focus, when maintained constantly, quickly builds internationalized aptitude in the process of resolving our shared issue of physical vulnerability whether that vulnerablity is internal, such as aging, or external such as asteroid impacts or nuclear war.
The "Origin" and purpose of intention can now be experienced widely.
Clarity is at Hand!
Quantum Leadership aptitude is emerging naturally from a relaxed state of understanding and real Hope. Compliance Art, in this immortality context, maximizes our Cleansed Karmic Potentiality, together.

Your New Role

Quantum Lucidity Mechanics

08/29/05 From your Time Distortion consciousness, your impending Death seems a long way off. In Reality, your Death Invitation is occuring each moment that you delay Mortality Resolution Intentions. Almost the entire population is in this Deathing Psychical Modality.

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Psystar International: Applied Immortality

Psystar International: Applied Immortality
Making Out Your Will to Live!

Applied Immortality
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Physical Immortality & Diamond Microchips

Humans have inherited a huge challenge....we have inherited a life and some unexplored ability to keep it.

We as a group are perpetuating, through beliefs of limitation, our responsibility to ourselves and all others..... to deal with our collective inherited mortality resolution possibility.

Further, children have inherited the tendency to become like those who are here now. Within that their life potential is being widely subverted. Education and art can do much to change this tragedy into a miracle of unknown size.

When humans replicate they create both life and death for another innocent being who will come into physical existence to learn about manifestation from those around them.
In the era before Mandatory Immortality this is a death sentence called life.
Humanity wrote a law about pre-meditated murder and this definitely fits that description.
With everyone hypnotized to act as if this intention is sufficient, the children have no protection from this era of rationalized deathwish imposition
.....UNTIL NOW!!!(clarification link)
Please shift your intention now in the things you say to others and in the things you spend time creating in your part of the world. It's that easy!
Just shift your intention in your speech. That will spread the deathwish resolution cure.
Please Evolve your Destinial Viability Index
Psystar International: Applied Immortality

Thank You for Your Immortal Intentions!
Indigo Children's Death Resolution Opportunity!

Let all your presidents know about Immotality in every way you can, Please! intentionitis
"Shesus, Jesus & Dna is "Jesus is taking over the internet" & all mind"
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Download Pure Intelligence
Physical Immortality handles our grave situation